Now, with few days to March 29 ‘Unpacked’ event of the Samsung, there are leaks in the air about the Samsung Galaxy S8. If the leaks in a video are accurate, the Galaxy S8 will be the fastest phone in the market with the best performance. As per leaks of the last week, the model number of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be SM-G950.  

Report in a video, uploaded upon Vimeo last week, displays the popular bench marking tool, AnTuTu, running against the G950 and had the total score of 205 to 284. This score looks to be 50% higher than the last generation of the phones.

In the past, the bench marking tool had a record of 178 to 397 for the iPhone 7.

This is obvious that the bench marking is just a tool to argue and convince the people in the market to buy the upcoming mobile device. Though the details, leaked from the video, are all positive but for the actual facts, we will have to wait till the Mach 29.

Source: Vimeo

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