The Do Not Disturb app in new iOS 12 for the iPhone devices has many unique features which converts this app into

the very important one yet of great usage for the iPhone and iPad users. The one unique feature in Do Not Disturb app is that when it is once configured, it don’t need frequent adjustment and configuration from time to time.

In addition to bedtime Do Not Disturb features, there are many other features as well which allows configuration feature of Do Not Disturb even during the meetings, conferences, the classes, the location or during even event management. You may not want to be disturbed by any alert, messaging, notifications or calls at all. The auto-ending feature allows the app to close down the Do Not Disturb options at the end of the set time.

What Do Not Disturb App Offers When Activated?

Either activated for the bedtime or other occasion, when Do Not Disturb features are activated, they may dim your display while converting your iPhone into the silent one for the notifications until and unless you unlock your iPhone at the morning or after the end of the specified event or time.

Different Options, Available in Do Not Disturb App

You may set your iPhone to end Do Not Disturb at the end of one or more hours, at the end of the day or night, after your leaving the location or at the end of the meeting as per your calendar.

After configuration of your iPhone, you may either left your iPhone or iPad to end the Do Not Disturb option, automatically at its own, or you may end the Do Not Disturb option, manually, at your end.

If done once to turn on or off Do Not Disturb, forget about it. Your iPhone will do the same as per your desire and setting.

So, this is time to apply the Do Not Disturb for a long time to come and then forget it for a while.

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