Sometimes, the Android uses have to rotate screen of the Android 6.x Marshmallow smartphones or devices in order to perform some of the specific tasks or to take the camera snap from the horizontal position. If you require this activation of screen rotation, rather quickly, you may just perform this job, right from the Home screen of your Android 6.X Marshmallow device. To enable the screen rotation right from the home screen is an easier job, which require just few taps of the buttons.

You may also activate / enable the screen rotation but if you need some guidance, just go through the instructions.


1. Tap anywhere on the Home screen of your Android 6.X Marshmallow smartphone or device. It will open up ‘Launcher Menu’.screen-roatate-marshmallow-12. Tap the ‘Settings’ button on the launcher menu to open up the ‘Settings’ screen of launcher menu.screen-roatate-marshmallow-23. At the ‘Settings’ screen, see the ‘Allow Rotation’ switch is ‘Off’.screen-roatate-marshmallow-34. Tap the ‘Allow Rotation’ button to switch on the rotation.screen-roatate-marshmallow-45. Now, go back to the Home screen and rotate your Android device. See, the screen of your Android device will rotate in all directions.screen-roatate-marshmallow-5

That’s all!

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