In general terms, the Management is defined as; Getting the assigned job done, with the assistance and help of other persons. This widely accepted, concise and globally applied term is successful enough, universally, to explains the concept of management.

When this simple and limited explanation is further elaborated in a little detailed manner, the role of the manager emerges as the key person in getting the productivity of the organization. Here, this person appears as a pivotal person who is assigned the task of getting the job done with the help of the group of skilled, educated and professionally trained people. He is treated as the person to achieve the targets, given to him / her from the top management controlling group.

In the typical American corporate culture, he / she is among the 10 percent of the workforce who holds managerial position and is held responsible for the assigned productivity. He / she may be in the top management, middle management or in the lower supervisory level but with equal nature of job. He / she is supposed to hold the formal authority to get the target oriented results in whole the corporate culture but remaining within his / her limited area of influence and authority.

To perform up to the maximum, the manager is assigned some of the limited and defined powers to achieve the results by following the:

  1. Limited Level Planning – As per his / her assigned duties and responsibilities, he can plan, at his / her level, to get the job done.
  2. Organizing the Productivity Operations– Organizing the whole work place to get the assigned results by setting the best and most suitable physical and human resources in the maximum suitable arranged manner to get maximum productivity from them.
  3. Placement and deputing the best and Most Appropriate Staff as the Best Fit for the Best Performance – This assignment is limited to deputing the job to the best qualified and / or professional trained person / worker, but, again within the jurisdiction of manager.
  4. Leading and Guidance – After setting whole the arena, the main task is to provide the leadership and guidance to achieve the results for the organization.
  5. Controlling whole the Scenario of Production – If something happens, contrary to the set job design, it is also the assumed responsibility of the manager to handle the situation, to deal with the problem and to solve the issue at the spot, remaining within the assigned region of control and influence.

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