The critical day of April 1 was selected for the announcement of the new updates in Groove – a software to play ad-free music from any big video music or song catalog. This Microsoft creation is a symbol of love for the music fans who may create playlists, based upon the artists of their choice and yet from the custom based radio stations.

Today, Microsoft started to push upon the Groove update No. 10.17032.1019.0 for some of the users who are on the Insider Fast Ring for PCs and Mobile devices. This update has the ability to play music videos for the songs in the catalogs which are already in the groove, the app. It runs the music videos for songs, directly, like the Xbox, but with the features of blurred effects of NEON.

Prominent Features of Updates

  • You may watch the videos as well for the songs in addition to the music.
  • Now, you may add up to 10 songs to any playlist.
  • The latest tracks are being added to the featured playlists.
  • Before the current update, the background of the Groove was all black with image of the album or the artist there. Now, after the update, some of the new blurred effects, which are being developed for the NEON, the new project for the Windows 10, code-named as Project NEON. This is marvelous that now the back screen will show the videos instead of the still photo.
  • Some of the PCs have already this update but others are being updated for the purpose.
  • This update is also applicable for the mobile devices as well.

Now, to enjoy the newly added features of Groove, run to update your PC or mobile application and have these updates in your devices. Don’t wait for the update but get it instantly from the Windows Store.

Download Like: Groove from the Windows Store

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