Groups Face Time is a very important and yet very interesting app of the iOS 12 which is still not available in the iOS 12 but it is expected to be launched later in fall 2018.

Face Time is called as the Group Face Time as it can engage up to the 32 different people, at the same time, from the different locations and from the different calling numbers.

Some of the unique features of Group Face Time are mentioned below:

Face Time can Support Both Video and Audio with 32 Persons at a Time

While you are at Group Face Time, you may come into contact by employing both the audio and video and still at once. This engagement with the group may be made with iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple iWatch.

To concentrate and answer to the person, currently speaking, the name of the person becomes larger and prominent. This larger name text may help you to keep track of the conversation with the person upon the Group Face Time.

You May Join the Active Group Face Time at Any Time or Through Group Threaded Messages

You may join the Group Face Time at any time by joining the group threaded messages which is going on between the different groups of persons. Alternatively, you may start the Group Face Time at any time, from the very start. But, this group would be required to be limited to the 32 people at any time.

You Need to Focus upon View during Group Face Time

During the Group Face time, the person, currently in touch and talking with you, will appear, automatically and instantly, in the center and in front of the other group of people, engaged into the Group Face Time. To answer or to address any person, you might need double tap the person you would like to see, address and to talk at the time.

Just Tap Silent Ringless Notification to Join Group Face Time

If you are willing to join the Group Face Time, you will need to tap the ringless notification to join the Face Time and you will be added current or new Group Face Time.

Integrate Messages with Group Face Time

You would be able to start the Group Face Time right from a threaded group messages conversation. Alternatively, you may see the incoming active calls from the conversation list and may join the currently going on conversation. Alternatively, you may start your own conversation at your end.

These are just the few features of the upcoming Group Face Time. Lets’ wait for the launch of the app and more interesting features may come up with the launch.

Our Next Article Upon the Group Face Time

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Stay tuned for the updates upon the Group Face Time.

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