Signal status in the status bar is such a thing about which all the smartphone users remain conscious. Normally, it is displayed in iconic form.Whenever, status changes, the smartphone is required to be taken to that position where the signals are stronger ones. Decision of weak or strong signals is done by just looking at the iconic form. But, if the signals are changed to the text form, the judgement of weaker or stronger signals is much easier and rather objective.

To change the signals style to text form is mush easier if the instruction, given below, are followed:

Command Line: Settings > PERSONALIZATION – Interface > Status Bar > Signal Status Style

1: See the ‘Signal status style’ is iconic in the Status Bar.

2: Tap the ‘Settings’.KitKatSSS13: Tap the ‘Interface’ in PERSONALIZATION.KitKatSSS24: See the signal status under the ‘Signal status style’ is ‘Icon’. Tap it. A prompt will open up with 3 option buttons. KitKatSSS45: See the ‘Signal status style’ is ‘Icon’ while the 2 other items, ‘Text’ and ‘Hidden’ are not selected.KitKatSSS56: Tap to select the ‘Text’. See immediately after the change in the style, signal status is also changed to text. KitKatSSS7 That’s all!

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