With addition of new splash of 3 color effects in the Camera app of Android KitKat 4.4, photography lovers will find photography with KitKat 4.4 a fun. Now, your addition of different color effects, with a just swipe of finger, can change a simple photo into a wonderful piece of art and may impress your friends with your skills.

This is a simple technique which may be applied very easily. Just follow the instructions:

Command Line: Camera App > Settings > Enhance > Color Effects

1: Tap the Camera app icon on the home screen of the Android KitKat 4.4 to open it.

KitKat ColorEffects12: Tap the Settings button in the Camera popup to open a semi-circle popups menu.

KitKat-Color-Effects3 & 4: In semi-circle popup menu, tap & hold here and swipe your finger a little upward. IT would open up the ENHANCE button.

KitKat-Color-Effect35: A further swipe will open up a button ‘COLOR EFFECTS’. Tap COLOR EFFECTS.

KitKat-Color-Effect-56: Now, you will see a popup menu; named ‘Color effects’, depicting three color effects.

KitKat67: Try each of the 3 colors, by swipe of your finger to downward or upward and choose the most appropriate one, according to your choice and/or need. The 3 different choices are displayed below:





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