KitKat, the new OS of Android, Android 4.4 aka KitKat, is launched with a lot of prominent features. Google’s latest chocolate flavored, like the previous versions of Android, has many new prominent features, only some of which are as under:


  1. Touching screen is not necessary to:
    • Launching voice search
    • Sending a text
    • Getting directions
    • Playing the songs
  2. Beautiful full-screen album and movie art can be seen even when the device is locked.
  3. Only one task can be seen at a time.
  4. Faster multitasking is available.
  5. Automatically prioritize your contacts, based on the talk to the most.
  6. Search for nearby places, business, contacts or people is easier.
  7. With smarter caller ID, KitKat device will look for matches from businesses, based on the local listing on Google Maps.
  8. All the messages including SMS and MMS messages are together in the same app.
  9. Emoji, the colorful Japanese characters like the Emoticons, are now available on Google Keyboard.
  10. Printing is easier at:
    • Any printer connected to Google Cloud Print
    • HP ePrint printers
    • OR ones with due apps installed.
  11. With the help of Quickoffice at your KitKat device, you may create and/or edit:
    • Documents
    • Spreadsheets
    • Presentations

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