Microsoft Office Excel is a marvelous and wonderful software, ever produced for the computer and mobile devices and widely and extensively applied, around the globe. Despite the fact that some other software are also available in the market and are being used for the numerical calculations, Excel is, by far, the most popular one for such operations. As per Microsoft, 1.2 billion people, around the world, use Office and Excel is, off course, integral part of the Office.1You may apply Excel for many functions and operations, but few most popular and widely applied functions are

1: Simple and advanced calculations for:

  • Finance
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Database
  • Engineering
  • Web

2: Playing / arranging the numbers

3: Calculating, developing and making budgets for the accounting departments

4: Managing and recording official and personal expenses

5: Tabulating and analyzing survey data and outputs / results and to manipulate results

6: Stock marketing analysis and return calculations

7: Financial analysis and calculations for the business and home expenses

8: Forecasting

9: Organizing and managing different  lists and tables

10: Text manipulation and arranging –  Arranging data in standardized form

Simple to say, you may apply Excel for any simple to complex data manipulation and calculation as per your desire and need.

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