Adding / Changing Status Message

When a Status Message is displayed on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 12 Snow Cone mobile screen, it is done to let the callers know what you are up to now; i.e. if you are currently available to chat, and/or if you are away, your mobile phone is off for a while.

For display purposes, you may change/customize your status messages as per your personal occupation or current individual situation. You can change this status at any time and without any prior notification to Google or Samsung.

Command Line

Setting icon > Samsung Accounts > Profile Info > Status Message > Add your Status Message > Add > Done

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Tap the ‘Profile Info’ icon at the Samsung Account screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile. It will open up the Profile Info screen.
  2. Here, at the Profile Info screen, tap the ‘Status Message’. It will open up the ‘Add your Status Message’ screen.
  3. Here, in the popup ‘status message’, change the message you want to convey to your phone callers.
  4. And tap ‘Add’. It will close down the screen and see; the status message has been changed on your mobile, as per your desire.

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