Call logs are a very good source of keeping track of your call history and they can also be very useful while getting to know the exact duration of specific calls. Although, Android comes with pre-installed call counter but, finding it may get a bit difficult.

But, fear not, we will be telling you the exact location of the call duration log where you will be able to see the complete history of call duration to each and every call you have made with your contacts since you bought your phone.


Follow the instructions below to see the complete call duration log using Android 4.4 Kitkat.


  • First of all, open the ‘Phone’ app. This is the app that holds all your call history.
  • Once opened, press the ‘clock’ icon on the bottom left corner of the dialer (refer the screenshot below).


  • Your call history will open. Here navigate to the ‘statistics’ tab.


  • Here you will see the complete call duration history for all the contacts/numbers. Press any contact for complete details about call duration about that specific contact.


Tip: You can use the filter above (refer the screenshot) to filter between incoming, outgoing and/or missed call events. Time filter is also available in options menu.


  • That’s all!

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