Understanding the importance of power and battery consumption for the laptops and all other such devices, Windows 10 has been added with an option to run the computer on the high performance or on the balanced power option.

High Performance Mode

While in the High Performance mode, all the features, provisions and all the related apps are run with full power and up to the maximum performance to give the best productivity and working capacity. As in the high performance mode, the computer is required to work up to its full capacity, the power and battery sources are utilized up to the maximum, causing the battery to drain, rather quickly.

Balanced Mode

On the other hand, in the Balanced Mode, only those features and apps of the computer are run which are essentially required for the balanced mode, necessary performance and the working of the computer. If you are running the Windows on the balanced mode, the less energy will be consumed and battery will continue for longer times.

So, if you are running the laptop on battery and want to conserve the battery for working till longer, it is advised to opt the Windows upon the ‘Balanced’ mode.

It is easier to change the mode from the high performance to the balanced mode as it is just the few step process. But if need some guidance, do see the step by step instructions in tutorial.


Command Line: Right click icon of Battery in Notification Area > Power Options – High Performance / Balanced Mode.

If you want step by step instructions, see the instructions, given below:

1: Right click and tap the icon of ‘Battery’ in the ‘Notification Area’, at the bottom right corner of Windows 10 desktop. It will open up the ‘Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Power Options’.

2: At the ‘Power Options’ screen, see; the current status of current plan is ‘High Performance’.

3: If you are willing to change the current plan mode, just click the ‘Balanced’ mode which is also recommended mode for the laptop as it automatically converts the performance of the computer to the energy conservation and consumption mode.So, now, your laptop or computer may perform longer upon the current battery level.

That’s all!

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