Sometimes, you need to rotate the screen of your Android 6.x Marshmallow smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices for some specific purpose, so that you may see the different degrees degrees of screen rotation from different angles. You may need screen rotation for any of the following purposes:

  1. Camera Snaps
  2. Video watching
  3. Some other app application
  4. While you are sleeping in the night
  5. When you are reading some book
  6. Or something like this.

For the purpose, you may set the screen rotation degrees from the specific feature which is available in the Marshmallow operating system for the Android smartphone. You may do all these with just a few taps of screen but if you need help, do see our instructions.


Command Line: Settings>Display>Rotation>Auto-Rotate On>0 Degree/90 Degree/180 Degrees/270 Degree

1. Tap the ‘Settings’ icon of the ‘Settings’ screen, placed at the bottom right corner of the Home screen of  your Android 6.x Marshmallow smartphone or tablet. It will open up the ‘Settings’ screen.marshmallowscreenrotationdegrees12. At the ‘Settings’ screen, tap the ‘Display’.marshmallowscreenrotationdegrees23. At the ‘Display’ screen, see; the ‘Rotation’ is disabled. Tap it to open its interface.marshmallowscreenrotationdegrees34. At the ‘Rotation’ screen, see; the current status of the ‘Auto-Rotate Screen’ is switched ‘Off’ along with all interface and ‘Rotation modes’, disabled, about the rotation, given below.marshmallowscreenrotationdegrees45. Tap the ‘Auto-Rotate’ to switch it ‘On’.

6. See; with the activation of the ‘Auto-rotate’, the interface of the ‘Lock screen’ – ‘Rotation mode’ – is also enabled.

7. Now,you may set the different degrees of the screen rotation from here. Here, following 4 degrees of auto-rotation are available:

  1. 0 Degrees
  2. 90 Degrees
  3. 180 Degrees
  4. 270 Degrees

I selected all the four degree modes to activate rotation of screen to all the 4 directions. marshmallowscreenrotationdegrees58. After selecting the degrees of rotation, go back to the ‘Display’ screen and see; the ‘Rotation’ is activated with current status of 4 degrees.marshmallowscreenrotationdegrees69. Now, you may rotate your smartphone to any degrees.marshmallowscreenrotationdegrees7

That’s all!

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