Sometimes, smartphone readers may need to lock / unlock the Screen Rotation. Especially, it is needed when a user is reading while lying on the bed. The user while reading may need to lock or unlock the screen. On the other hand, artist may wish to see the image from portrait to landscape position.

You may lock or unlock the screen rotation from the Tiles & Layout feature as well. Normally, this feature is enabled in the phone, by default. But if not, you may set it in the Tiles & Layout as well.

To lock/unlock the screen rotation in the Android KitKat 4.4, please follow the instructions:

1: Tap and swipe the Status Bar near the right corner. See the Tiles & Layout screen will open up.KitKatT&LRotation12: Here, see the Screen Rotation (Orientation) button is locked and is captioned, ‘ROATION LOCKED’. Tap it.KitKatT&LRotation23: See the status of orientation is unlocked with caption of AUTO ROTATE.KitKatT&LRotation34: You may again lock the Orientation to disable rotation by tapping the button.

5: Now, you may rotate and see the images / screens in portrait or landscape.KitKatT&LRotation4

KitKatT&LRotation5That’s all!

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