Screen Rotation is a very interesting aspect of the smartphones. This is a very interesting prank with which a phone user may enjoy while reading or while designing for the art. Especially, if you are lying on your bed and reading, you may find it troublesome to keep the right direction. In the case, some people like to lock rotation of the phone while others may wish to rotate as per the movement of your body. Similarly, if you are viewing some images which can be best viewed in horizontal or landscape position or vice versa, you may wish to rotate the screen, as per the need.

Usually, you may wish a quick rotation. This is such an easy trick if you follow the instructions.

1: Tap the Status Bar of the Home Screen and swipe a little downward. The Notification Bar will be opened up.KitKatSBSR3

2: Swipe right or left the Notification Bar to search the Screen Rotation button. See it is locked and screen is disabled to rotate.KitKatSBSR1

3: Tap the Screen Rotation button and it would become unlocked and rotation will be enabled.KitKatSBSR2

4: In the same manner, you may lock the rotation as well by tapping the button.

Now, you may see the screen from different angles.KitKatSBSR4

KitKatSBSR5That’s all!

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