A question, raised by Dough Ehrman of Fool.com on May 8, 2013, whether the innovative moves of Microsoft and Apple can destroy Apple, is really thought provoking. He is of the view that as the global environment is shifting from personal computing, Microsoft and Google are in eye-to-eye contact with Apple in the battle of hardware and also in the cloud. With offers from the each to replace traditional laptop PC and shift to the cloud-based solutions, the fresh counter offers are still awaited from Apple?

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Though the views from the Ehrman reflect the apparent current scenario but remember that even after the Steve Jobs, the ex-chief of Apple, the Apple is still stable and moving on. As far as the replacement of laptop PC is concerned, remember that the first tablet which started to replace the laptops/PC was iPad which was introduced by Apple. Gurus are of the view that iPad is still the best tab in the high tech market. But, what the Apple is needed to expand the tab line if it really wants to remain in the market which has entered ‘cut-throat’ competition. New entrants in the tab market are not only Microsoft and Google but also Samsung, Dell, HP, HTC along with many new Chinese competitors are also there but the very high technology, applied by Apple, is still the best one which is providing oxygen to Apple to compete the new entrants.

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But, I am of the view that what he Apple is needed, immediately, is the better operating software – the field in which Microsoft and Google are trying to beat Apple. With Android and Windows 8, the competitors are at the higher edge.

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