Setting ‘Vibrate mode’ in traditional way is a typical but a little lengthy process. When you need to convert the phone to the ‘Vibrate’, quickly, Android KitKat 4.4 has provided the option to do it in a much smoother way. Using the ‘Power menu’ to set ‘Vibrate mode’ is one of many methods to set the Android KitKat 4.4 phone to the ‘Vibrate mode’. It is pretty simple.

Just follow the instructions:

1: Press the ‘Power’ button for a while and it would open up a ‘Power menu’. See the ‘Normal mode’ is activated at present and is shown with light blue line under it. It is not displayed in the ‘Status Bar’.KitKatVibrate12: In the ‘Power menu’, tap the ‘Vibrate button’ to activate the ‘Vibrate mode’.

3: See the light blue line under the ‘Vibrate button’. See also the ‘Vibrate menu’ is displayed in the ‘Status Bar’.KitKatVibrate24: If you want to turn ‘OFF’ the ‘Vibrate mode’, tap the ‘Volume button’ and the normal ‘Ringing mode’ would be restored.

5: See the ‘Vibrate mode’ is vanished from the ‘Status Bar’.

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