A normal Android user always feels curious about the caller and the details of the call, especially if the call is made for the first time. Further, some people like to see the details of the Recent most call.

Android has provided a feature to explore the details of the most recent call and you may see the details after tapping only few buttons. But, if you feel the need, see the instructions.


1: Tap the icon of the ‘Dialer App’ at bottom left corner of Home screen of your Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow to open up the ‘Dialer App’ screen.Marshmallow-Recent-Caller-History-12: At the ‘Dialer App’ Screen, tap the ‘Recents’ button, place at the middle bar to open up the recent calls.Marshmallow-Recent-Caller-History-23: At the ‘Recents’, see the recent most call at the top of the screen but under the ‘Today’. Tap it anywhere and a popup menu will open up under the contact with 2 options:

  • Send Message
  • Call Details

Marshmallow-Recent-Caller-History-34: Tap ‘Call Details’. It will open up the call details screen. Marshmallow-Recent-Caller-History-45:  See; following details of the recent most call are available at the screen:

  • Outgoing and Incoming call
  • Day and date of the call
  • Time of the call
  • Duration of the call

Marshmallow-Recent-Caller-History-5That’s all!

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