The most horrible thing for a smartphone and tablet user is to see the invoice of Internet data usage at the end of the month. This is exceptionally dangerous for the smartphones and tablets which use the Internet, extensively and to limitless extent. The wise thing is to keep a closer watch upon the Internet data usage, so that, data usage may not cross the limits, set by you. The metered connections are particularly dangerous as the excessive usage may end your data limits even before the end of the set period.

This is advised to all the users of Android to check the data usage, at least once a day to keep an eye on the data usage, so that, you may not feel embarrassment and discomfort due to sudden expiry of your data limit.

To meet the challenge of keeping the data usage within control, like all previous versions of Android, Marshmallow has also provided a feature which provides up-to-date data usage report. This is simple to see the data usage but if you are feel need, do see the instructions.


Command Line: Setting Button > Settings Screen > Data Usage – Wireless & Networks

1: Tap the icon of the ‘Settings’ app at the Home screen of your Android 6.x Marshmallow smartphone or tablets to open up the ‘Settings’ screen.2: At the ‘Settings’ screen, tap the ‘Data usage’ under the ‘Wireless & networks’.3: At the ‘Data usage’ screen, see the data consumption period and the data used during the period, immediately below the ‘Cellular data’. From here, you may not only activate the ‘Cellular data’ but also set the period for the data consumption. Right from this screen, you may also set warning limits for your data limits. For the purpose, click / tap the links to visit our other articles to set all the 3.

That’s all!

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