Sometimes, you feel need to analyze a specific callers’ number and the data related to them, such as, number of call, incoming and outgoing call, missed calls, duration of each call etc. It is easy in Android KitKat 4.4.2 phone.


 Command Line: Phone Dialer > History > ALL / STATISTICS > Call details.

1: Tap the ‘Phone Dialer’ to open the phone dialer screen of Android KitKat 4.4.2 phone. KitKat-See-Statistics InDetail12: Tap ‘History’, available at the bottom left corner of the phone dialer screen. KitKat-See-Statistics InDetail23: If you want to see the latest record, it is available under the ‘ALL’. Tap the individual contact / caller number.KitKat-See-Statistics-InDetail34: See the individual ‘Call details’ will open up on the call details screen. Here, see the latest record of incoming and outgoing calls including the time and date of the call and minute details such as call duration in minutes and seconds is given. KitKat-See-Statistics-InDetail45: If you want to see historical data, available in the Android KitKat phone as statistics, tap the STATISTIC on the ‘History’ screen to open up the detailed records. Alternatively, you may swipe the default screen with the help of your finger to the left and the details data will come before. Here, data is sorted by ascending order, i.e. highest record will come at the top.

KitKat-See-Statistics-InDetail5 6: To start from the top, tap the first caller record and its statistical details will open up, such as:

  • Total calls
  • Total incoming calls
  • Total outgoing calls
  • Total missed calls
  • Total time consumed in each type of call – in hours, minutes and seconds.


That’s all!

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