The app management is the vital part of our Android 6.0.x smartphone and device as it is directly related to the quick and smooth functioning. It is always a good idea to see, from time to time, how many apps are running on your Android device. If many apps are running, unnecessarily, in your Android device, it is advised to close all those which are not needed.

You may also see the currently running apps on your Android device, but if you feel any difficulty to do so, see instructions.


  1. Just press the ‘Home’ button of your Android 6.0.x Marshmallow smartphone or device for a while.

MarshmallowRunningApps-12. It will instantly open up a screen with all the apps which are, currently, running on your Android device.

MarshmallowRunningApps-23. Just scroll up and down to see all the running apps, one by one.


That’s all!

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