If you have decided to allow interruptions of incoming calls and messages during the calls and other ongoing Android processes, the next step is setting the priority of contacts who will be allowed to interrupt in your calls.

You may select the contacts to allow the interruption in calls but if you feel need, do see the instructions.


1: Tap the icon of ‘Settings’ on the Home screen of your Android 5.1 Lollipop device to open up the ‘Settings’ screen.AndroidInterruption12: At the ‘Settings’ screen, scroll down to the ‘Device’ section, and tap ‘Sounds & notification’. It will open up the ‘Sounds & notification’ screen.AndroidInterruption23: At the ‘Sounds & notification’ screen, tap the ‘Interruptions’.AndroidInterruption34: At the ‘Interruptions’ screen, ensure the current status of ‘When calls and notifications arrive’ is ‘Allow only priority interruptions’. If the current status is not ‘Allow only priority interruptions’, tap the status and select ‘Allow only priority interruptions’ from the popup.

5: Now, see, currently, no priority is enabled.

6: Further, see the ‘Calls/messages from’ is also disabled.AndroidInterruptionSettingPriority17: Tap the ‘Calls’ and ‘Messages’ to enable them. See, with the change of status of ‘Calls’ and ‘Messages’ from disable to enable will also enable the ‘Calls/messages from’.AndroidInterruptionSettingPriority28: See, the current status of ‘Calls/messages from’ is ‘Anyone’, i.e. currently, anyone can interrupt in your Android device during the calls, etc.

9: As this is not a desired state of affairs, you may wish to change the status. If so, tap ‘Anyone’ to change it. It will open up a popup.

10: See, there are 3 options in the popup:

  • Anyone
  • Starred contacts only
  • Contacts only

AndroidInterruptionSettingPriority3Note: For the starred contacts, see the ‘Contacts’ app.

11: You may select any of the options to interrupt your Android device by ‘Calls/messages’ but better it is to either select ‘Starred contacts only’ or ‘Contacts only’. I preferred ‘Starred contacts only’. (Starred contacts at the ‘Contacts’ app are the favored contacts).

12: See the status of the ‘Calls/messages from’ is changed from previous ‘Anyone’ to ‘Starred contacts only’.AndroidInterruptionSettingPriority4From now onward, you will receive only interrupting calls/messages from the starred contacts only. No other person will be allowed to interrupt in your Android device during the calls, etc.

That’s all!

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