For the publishing of a good post upon the WordPress blog, you need many options and features upon the Dashboard even for adding new post. Many of the options, required rather considered essential for publishing good post, may not be available by default upon the ‘Add New Post’ screen and interface. You may add many of the screen options, as and when required, for the publishing of the good post.

For publishing the good styled and shaped posts with SEO friendly requisites, WordPress suggests many screen options which may be enabled or activated, as and when needed by the post publisher. In the tutorial, given below, we have suggested the steps to choose the different screen options while adding new post.


1: At the ‘Dashboard’, click to the ‘Add New Post’.

2: At the interface of ‘Add New Post’ screen, see many of the boxes with the options to publish a good post are missing from the screen.

3: Click ‘Screen Options’, placed at the top right corner of the screen. It will open up a popup menu with the following screen options and the check boxes at the left of these options to enable and activate these screen options:

Note: Some of screen options are checked and activated by default.


  • Format
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Sharing
  • Select layout for this specific post only
  • Features Image
  • Yoast SEO
  • Excerpt
  • Send Trackbacks
  • Custom Fields
  • Discussion
  • Slug
  • Author
  • Ad Inserter Individual Excerptions


  • 1 Column
  • 2 Columns

Additional Settings

Enable Full Height Editor and Distribution-free Functionality

4 & 5: For the activation of different screen options, we checked some of the boxes as needed.

7: To close up the popup menu, click the ‘Screen Options’, currently available below the popup menu, and the popup menu will be closed up.

Now, the ‘Add New Post’ interface is available for publishing the good post upon the WordPress blog.

Stay Tuned for the WP Tip 7!

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