Whenever a new iPad is acquired, the first thing every anxious user would like to use it the simple operations of iPad. Now, you need to follow the step by step instructions to learn the basic operations:

Turning off

  1. Just hold down the ‘Power’ button for about 3 seconds which would bring us a red slider near the top of the screen of iPad.
  2. Now, slide the slider across the screen to turn off the iPad 2.

Putting to sleep

Simply, press and then release ‘Power’ button without holding it down.

Turing on after sleep

Briefly hold down the ‘Power’ button which will brings up a gray colored slider near the bottom of the iPad screen.

Now, move the slider to the other side of the screen to turn on the iPad.

Turning on after power-off

  1. For the purpose, hold down the Power button for a short while – about a second.
  2. The Apple icon will be displayed for about 10 seconds or so resulting in appearance of a gray slider near the bottom of the iPad screen.
  3. Just move the slider across the screen and iPad would turn on.

Stopping the screen image from rotation

  1. First of all, get the iPad 2 screen in the desired orientation
  2. Now, move/slide the screen rotation to lock down.

Changing the volume

  1.  Simply, press the Volume button Up or Down
  2. You may mute the device by continuing to holding down the Power button until the volume reaches zero.
  3. A device can be muted by enabling the switch that is also used to lock the screen rotation.

Returning to Home screen

Press the Home button.

Taking a screenshot

  1.  To take a screenshot of to capture the current screen image, simply press On/Off button and then immediately press the Home button.
  2. This process would be followed by a white flash and the sound of a click which will tell you that the current screen image is saved into the Photo application.

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