Charging is a sensitive and complicated time in the mobile devices. Many functions are stopped by the system or must be stopped by you when you are charging your mobile device. Wi-Fi or Internet is one such function which is disconnected while charging, unless and until opted by you.

If you have opted, your Android 6.0.x Marshmallow smartphone or device will remain connected with Wi-Fi or it will be disconnected.

You may give option at your end, easily, if you feel the need to remain connected with Wi-Fi while you are getting your mobile charged. Or if need be, see the instructions.


1. Tap the icon of the ‘Settings’ on the bottom right corner of your Android 6.0.x Marshmallow smartphone and device to open up the ‘Settings’ screen.Marshmallow-WiFi-On-In-Sleep-12. At the ‘Settings’ screen, tap the ‘Wi-Fi’ in the ‘Wireless & networks’ section to open up the ‘Wi-Fi’ screen.Marshmallow-WiFi-On-In-Sleep-2

3. At the ‘Wi-Fi’ screen, see the ‘Wi-Fi’ is connected.

4. Tap the 3-digit settings button on the top right corner of the screen. It will open up a popup menu.Marshmallow-WiFi-On-In-Sleep-35. At the popup menu, tap the ‘Advanced’.Marshmallow-WiFi-On-In-Sleep-46. At the ‘Advanced Wi-Fi’ screen, see; the status of ‘Keep the Wi-Fi on during sleep’ is ‘Never’, i.e. during the sleep of your device, the Wi-Fi connection will be disconnected and will remain Off.Marshmallow-WiFi-On-In-Sleep-5If you want to change the status, tap it and a popup prompt will appear with 3 options on it:

  1. Always
  2. Only when plugged in
  3. Never

The current option is ‘Never’.Marshmallow-WiFi-On-In-Sleep-67. If you want to change the status to remain ‘Only when plugged in’ tap in.Marshmallow-WiFi-when-Plugged-in-78. Back to the ‘Advanced Wi-Fi’ screen. See; the status of ‘Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep’ is changed to ‘Only when plugged in’.Marshmallow-WiFi-when-Plugged-in-8

From now onward, our Android device will remain connected to Wi-Fi when ever your device is plugged in for charging.

That’s all!

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