When you have set / activate screen brightness of you Android 4.4.4 KitKat device to automatic, it is better to set this brightness level to be adjusted according to the atmospheric light level as per sunrise and sunset. This is just a few steps away in Android KitKat 4.4.4.


Command Line: Settings > DEVICE – Display & lights > Brightness.  

1: Tap the ‘Settings’ on the Home screen of your Android 4.4.4. KitKat phone. KitKatAutoSunRise12: At the settings screen, tap the ‘Display & lights’ under the DEVICE. KitKatAutoSunRise23: Tap the ‘Brightness’ at the ‘Display & light’ screen. It will open up a popup brightness slider. KitKatAutoSunRise3

4 & 5: See the slider button is at the minimum of manual settings and the AUTO, representing the automatic setting is disabled. KitKatAutoSunRise4

6: Tap the AUTO and see the three changes:

  • The dim color of AUTO part of slider is changed into a blue bright colored slider, i.e. it is enabled.
  • There appears a capital ‘A’ in the button, left to the slider, i.e. A stands for Automatic.
  • A settings button to the right of the slider appears.

7: Tap the ‘Settings’ button, on the right of the slider. It will open up a prompt ‘Automatic brightness’.


8: Here, see the ‘Adjust to sunrise and sunset, is unchecked, i.e. disabled. KitKatAutoSunRise6

9 & 10: Tap to check the ‘Adjust to sunrise and sunset’ to enable and tap ‘OK’.KitKatAutoSunRise7

That’s all!

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