The popularity of the operating system depends upon the ease of usage of the smartphone or some other devices. More convenient to operate, more popular it will be among the users. Applying the same principle of the facilitating the users, now, Android Marshmallow has added a new feature of controlling the brightness of the screen right from the status bar, without tapping any of the button.

Now, the screen brightness of smartphones or tablets, powered by Marshmallow OS, can be operated, right from the screen status bar, without tapping any of the button, just by sliding finger over the status bar. But, to enjoy this feature, you need to activate this feature.

To activate this feature of controlling the brightness of the screen by a simple sliding of the finger is easier but if you feel need, don’t hesitate to see the instructions.


1: Tap the icon of the ‘Settings’ app, placed at the bottom right corner of the Home screen of your Android 6.x Marshmallow smartphone or tablet to open up the ‘Settings’ screen. 2: At the ‘Settings’ screen, scroll down to the ‘Interface’ section and tap ‘Bars’.3: At the ‘Bars’ screen, see; under the ‘Status bar’, the ‘Brightness control’ option is not checked, i.e. not activated. Read the details of the ‘Brightness control’ which informs the users that this control can activate the brightness adjustment with just sliding across the status bar. Tap, to check and activate this feature.4: Now, after the activation of this feature, you may control the brightness of your Android Marshmallow smartphone or tablet right from any open screen.

5: Just touch the screen of this smartphone at the status bar and slide your finger to the right or left of the status bar to control the brightness of the screen. To increase the brightness, you need to slide your finger to the right and to reduce, slide the finger to the left.That’s all!

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