Application & Usage of Worksheet in Workbook of Microsoft Excel 2016

To make workbook more and more effective and to add more and more varied data and formulation, Microsoft has an option, available in Excel 2016 – like the previous versions of Excel – which allows you to add any number of worksheets as allowed by the the available memory.

The mechanism to add the worksheet is available at the bottom of the workbook.

Excel-WorksheetJust click the ‘+’ button at the left of the sheet name and a new worksheet is added. You may add additional worksheets by simply clicking the ‘+’ button till permitted by memory. You may change the name of the worksheet at per your requirement and convenience though their default name is ‘Sheet(Number).


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How to Manage Different Microsoft Office Excel Operations with File Button

If you want to see and edit some of the options and operations of Microsoft Office Excel 2016, just click the ‘File’ button in the tabs row in the ribbon on top left corner of the window. Excel-File-1This will open up the backstage view of the Excel workbook with following details:

  1. Specific Info.
  2. New Doc Opening.
  3. Opening the different other workbook.
  4. Option to save the workbook and changes in it.
  5. The mechanism to save the current workbook wit different name and other details.
  6. Mechanism to print the data in the workbook.
  7. Sharing the workbook with people or to be used as email.
  8. Exporting the workbook for usage in any other set up.
  9. Publishing the workbook.
  10. Mechanism to close the workbook.
  11. How to manage the user Account?
  12. Other options of the workbook.


What is Active Cell Indicator in Microsoft Office Excel?

When you open the Microsoft Office Excel work sheet to enter the data, the first thing you must search and locate is; Active cellĀ  indicator. This will the point from where you must start working and entering data in your Excel worksheet.

This is a cell, among the 17,179,869,184 cells on a single worksheet of Excel and from here, you may start working on this huge arrangement of the cells on this software. This is highlighted, by default, with dark and a little thick outline, with Black color in default, around a normal cell which is currently active at the time. For a new worksheet, this active cell indicator is at the top left corner of the worksheet. 2Here, you may just press any key and the the text will appear here.

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