Different Commands Included in Ribbon Tabs in Microsoft Excel 2016

Since the introduction of Ribbon in the Microsoft Excel in Excel 2007, many changes and modifications have been made in the Ribbon. Now, Ribbon is a little different from the one in year 2007. Just click a single tab to review commands included in it.

Just click any tab and the relative commands will be displayed. Alternatively, you may scroll the mouse wheel and see the tabs of ribbon moving left / right and you may choose any tab of your choice.

The following Ribbon tabs are available along with the appropriate relative commands:


How to Manage Collapse of the Ribbon Button in Microsoft Office Excel?

In the new Microsoft Office Excel 2016, you may manage the three functions of collapse of Ribbon as a special button is available for the purpose at the top right corner of the Excel 2016. You may manage all the three functions of the Collapse Ribbon which are:

  1. Auto Hide Ribbon
  2. Show tabs
  3. Show tabs and commands
Application of the Collapse Ribbon Button

Just press or click the collapse button, on the top right corner of the Excel 2016. It will open up a popup menu with three options, mentioned above. Select and press the one appropriate option from this menu popup:

1If you will select the first option; ‘Auto hide button, the ribbon will disappear. If you want to show the ribbon, move the cursor on the top of the window and ribbon will appear. When you will remove the cursor from the top, the ribbon will disappear again.

2If you want to show tabs only, click the second button.

4To show the full ribbon, permanently, click the third option.

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How to Collapse / Restore Ribbon of Microsoft Excel 2016 by Two Methods?

Normally, Excel users like to see and use all the tabs and ribbon so as to enjoy all the available Excel functions. While on the other hand, some of the professionals, who need maximum availability of the space, may like to collapse the ribbon as it would vacate the maximum space at top of the window for them to work on cells.

You may just collapse the ribbon for a few seconds or may collapse the ribbon for a longer time – depending upon your need of the use.

You may collapse / restore the ribbon at any moment, but if you need the help, just see the instructions.

Method 1


1: If you want a little more available space, at the top of the window, just click any tab for once and when it becomes highlighted, double-click it and the ribbon will collapse, instantly, and the tab titles will be available only.RibbonCollapse-12: If you want to revert back or restore the ribbon of a single tab, just click the tab only once and the specific ribbon of that tab will reappear.RibbonCollapse-23: To revert to full ribbon, double-click any tab and the full ribbon will be restored.

Method 2


1: Click the ‘Ribbon Display Options’ at the top right corner of the Excel 2016. It will open up popup menu. Click the second option from top, i.e. ‘Show Tabs’. It will, instantly, collapse the ribbon to the tabs only format.RibbonCollapse-3



RibbonCollapse-5And see the ribbon has just collapsed.RibbonCollapse-62: If you want to revert the full ribbon, click any tab for once which you want to display. But, this will be just temporary restoration.RibbonCollapse-73: If you want to revert to full ribbon, double-click any tab and the full ribbon will be restored.RibbonCollapse-84: Alternatively, you may click the ‘Ribbon Display Options; and click the ‘Show Tabs and Commands’ and it will restore the ribbon.RibbonCollapse-9That’s all!