How to Take Ideal and Perfect Selfie Photo with Candy Camera

I am astonished to note that almost 3 million users are talking about taking selfies with Candy Camera due to Candy Camera’s beautifying filters and silent mode. Still more than 7 million users of the Candy Camera are so satisfied with the specific features of the Candy Camera that they recommend you not to miss out the amazing filters of the Candy Camera.

When I applied the filters, built in the Candy Camera, for selfies, it was revealed that:

  • Developers take special care to add a large and diverse range of filters which are excellently designed for taking selfies.
  • The selfies, taken with Candy Camera, will make your skin look smoother, shining, rather amazing.
  • It is easier to change the different filters by simply swiping left and right while taking the selfies.
  • The users are of the view that if you are searching the best beautifying filters to make your selfie a marvelous one, these are available in the Candy Camera.
  • You don’t need to panic about the filters as they are displayed in real-time while taking the selfie.
  • The success of the Candy Camera is evident by the output of the selfie which makes you the most beautiful.

There are different Beauty Functions, available in the Candy Camera, which are as under:

Beauty Functions

To make your selfie ultimate beauty, you may apply any of the following functions for the selfies with Candy Camera:

  • A specific feature in the Candy Camera is that there are many editing features in addition to built-in filters. If you are not satisfied with the filters, you may further edit your selfies with these editing tools.
  • Some of the cosmetic tools and functions, available in the Candy Camera, are:
    • Slimming
    • Whitening
    • Concealer
    • Lipstick
    • Blush
    • Eyeliner
    • Mascara

If still you want some more additions to your selfie, you may add one of the following huge collection of the Candy Camera make-up stickers as an additional touch to your selfies.


  • Different stickers are available for different season, occasion even for the different or prevailing trends.
  • Keeping in view the trend, season or the fashion, Candy Camera keeps adding newer stickers with every update.
  • Cute and artistic stickers for the selfies are our specialty.
  • Each sticker can be resized and even moved within the selfie by a simple multi-touch with fingers.

Silent Camera

Silent camera is our one more feature which can be applied while taking selfies, snapshots or photography, silently, without informing others around you. This feature is available for any occasion making you confident that the selfie can be taken, silently.


If you are taking the selfies for your collection, you may find these features most interesting:

  • You may take many and multiple selfies for the collection or the collage.
  • Many different grids, styles, layouts and arrangements are available for the management of the collage.
  • It is better to take the selfies with collage mode of the Candy Camera to avoid the time wasted in the collage arrangement.

What is New After February 2017 Update?

After the update of the Candy Camera app for the Android devices, the following updates / changes are made in the last version of the Candy Camera for Selfies:

  • Now, you may take unlimited length of video and with filters.
  • One more mode; Beauty mode, has been added to make the selfies near to perfect.
  • Now, you may apply the expanded beauty functions, such as, making legs longer, bigger eyes and so on.
  • A more convenient interface to make usage easier during the selfie taking.
  • A real-time photo guide has been added for the profile images and social media.
  • Sticker, frames and light effects have been merged into Deco.
  • Now you may take a skin-correcting filter on top of any filter you want.

Technical Information

  • Last Technical Update: February 10, 2017
  • Size: It varies with device, brand and model
  • Total downloads and Installs till now: 100,000,000 to 500,000,000
  • Current Version of the App: It still varies with device, brand and model
  • Required Version of Android: Again it varies with device, brand and model
  • Developed and Offered for Sale By: JP Brothers, Inc.
  • Developer Email: Email  

Source: Candy Girl

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55 Highly Technical Financial Functions & Tools in Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Office Excel has provided many tools and functions for the help for the business people and finance related people. These calculations are also of great help to the students of finance. Previously, students of banking and finance had to rely upon the statistical and some of the mathematical tools but now specially formulated econometrics functions for the financial circles of business and finance are available. These tools for the finance are typically made with the combination of statistics and mathematics but are easy to work upon.

To work with these functions, you need to choose and work with functions. For the purpose, follow the tutorial.


Method # 1

1: Press / Click the ‘AutoSum’ button in the top-right command ribbon of the Microsoft Excel 2016. It will open up a popup menu.2: In the popup menu, see; there are 5 following items:

  • Sum
  • Average
  • Count Numbers
  • Max
  • Min
  • More Functions ….

3: In the popup menu, press / click ‘More Functions …’. It will open up a prompt, named; ‘Insert Function’.

4: In the prompt, press / click ‘Or select a category’ to open up a popup of the long list of 14 following sets of functions:

  1. Financial
  2. Date & Time
  3. Math & Trig
  4. Statistical
  5. Look up and Reference
  6. Database
  7. Text
  8. Logical
  9. Information
  10. Engineering
  11. Cube
  12. Compatibility
  13. Web

5: From the popup, select ‘Financial’ and press / click it. It will compile all the functions about the financial calculation and enlist them under the ‘Select a function:’ prompt. From here, you may select any function and press it to become operational.  

Method # 2

Alternatively, you may go directly from the ‘Tabs and Commands’ of the ribbons of Excel screen. For the same, follow the instructions:

1: Press the ‘Formulas’ tab from the ribbon of the Excel home screen. It will open up the ‘Formulas’ ribbon.

Or You may also press the ‘Formulas’ tab write from the ‘Tabs’ ribbon.

2: In the ‘Formulas’ ribbon, press the ‘Financial’. It will open up a popup menu.

3: Select any function from this popup menu to work with and enjoy.

List of All the Financial Functions, Available in the Excel 2016

  13. DB
  14. DDB
  15. DISC
  19. EFFECT
  20. FV
  23. IPMT
  24. IRR
  25. ISPMT
  27. MIRR
  29. NPER
  30. NPV
  35. PMT
  36. PPMT
  37. PRICE
  40. PV
  41. RATE
  43. PRI
  44. RPI
  45. SLN
  46. SYD
  50. VBD
  51. XIRR
  52. XNPV
  53. YIELD

That’s’ all!

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19 Highly Useful Financial Management Templates For Microsoft Excel

With the passage of time, more and more people are applying the ready-made tools for the financial calculations. In the near past, some of the calculations were made, manually, by applying complex mathematical and statistical formulas and techniques.

But, now with the advancement of the calculation sciences, more and more complex mathematical and statistical tools have been merged to form specific formulas. These formulas can be applied, successfully for the personal and domestic calculation of financial management issues.

Now, Microsoft has arranged to provide many such formulas in the shape of the templates for the Microsoft Excel 365 but can be applied in the Microsoft Excel 2016 as well.

To work with the templates, you must follow the follow procedure:

  1. Visit the site of > Templates / College Tools – Excel
  2. Select any Tool / template of your choice which you think can work better to solve your problem
  3. To download, it is essential to sign in with the Microsoft account
  4. Now, download the required template in your OneDrive Free Online storage which is provided to all the Microsoft account holder – free of cost
  5. This template can be downloaded from OneDrive storage to your machine or mobile
  6. Use it in your concerned Office application

And enjoy its enormous benefits.

To save your time, you may select any of the template, from the list of financial management templates, given below, and press / click it to visit its site, directly, and download it.

  1. Annual financial report
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Cash flow statement
  4. Net worth summary
  5. Home loan comparison
  6. Expense journal
  7. Credit Card Payoff Calculator
  8. Tax expense journal
  9. Mortgage Loan Calculator
  10. Profit and loss
  11. Check register
  12. Personal money tracker
  13. Personal expenses calculator
  14. College loan calculator
  15. Data validation examples
  16. Family Budget Planner
  17. Payroll calculator
  18. Quarterly sales report
  19. Invoice tracker

49 Free Microsoft Excel & Word 2016 Templates for College Students

For the students of all levels, college, universities and even for the office workers, the Microsoft Office 2016 and 365 are like blessing. Being the student friendly organization, many free and yet great college tools are available for the students which are free. These tools are available as built-in in the Microsoft Office 365 but can be downloaded, free, from the site of Microsoft for other version of Microsoft Office.

These college tools are made to work with following application of Microsoft Office:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word

What you need to to do to enjoy working with these tools is:

  1. Visit the site of Microsoft > Templates / College Tools – Excel/Word
  2. Select any Tool / Template of your choice
  3. Sign in with the Microsoft Account
  4. Download the Template in your OneDrive Free Online storage provided to you by Microsoft
  5. Download it from your OneDrive storage to your machine or mobile, whenever needed
  6. Use it in your concerned Office application.

And enjoy its enormous benefits.

If you are not willing to spent time to visit Microsoft site and to search, just select any template from the list of the College Tools, available blow, and press / click it to visit its site, directly, and download it for usage.

Microsoft Excel Templates

  1. College Course Manager
  2. Roommate organizer
  3. My college budget
  4. College loan calculator
  5. Weekly college schedule
  6. Assignment schedule
  7. Homework schedule
  8. Student calendar (Mon)
  9. College expense estimator
  10. College budget
  11. College credits tracker
  12. Student assignment planner
  13. Student schedule
  14. Semester at a glance
  15. College year planner
  16. Homework calendar
  17. Class schedule

Microsoft Word Templates

  1. Team wiki
  2. Student report with cover
  3. APA style paper
  4. College Course Manager
  5. APA style report (6th edition)
  6. Works cited list in MLA format
  7. General report
  8. Team report
  9. Reference Letter from Teacher
  10. Bold report
  11. Literature review
  12. Group thesis
  13. Student paper
  14. Book report
  15. Academic calendar (one month, any year, Monday start)
  16. APA style report (6th edition)
  17. Academic calendar (any year)
  18. Student calendar (Sun)
  19. 2016-2017 academic calendar
  20. MLA style research paper
  21. MLA styles
  22. APA styles
  23. Collaborative paper
  24. Student report
  25. 2015-2016 academic calendar
  26. Flyer
  27. Student report with cover
  28. MLA style paper
  29. Modern paper
  30. APA paper format
  31. MLA style research paper
  32. Research paper in MLA style

BeautyPlus Selfie Editor for Android – Review 1 – Why Do I Love It!

The desire to look more and more beautiful is now not only a right of the models, movie artist, beauty queens or the fashion women but this field is now, open for all ordinary girls and women folk as well. Without the application of appropriate and necessary tools, brushes and filters, the uploading of the photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Plus and other social media engines is treated as the stupidity by the majority of the social people.BeautyPlus1

The Beauty Plus is an app which is vastly and extensively applied to beautify you on social media. The popularity of the Beauty Plus is evident from its download and installation for the 100 million Android smartphones and devices. After their thorough satisfaction, the 1,906,633 users have also recommended the same for your usage.

In the era of phone and digital cameras, the need of the extra ordinary manual photographic tools and equipment to retouch the photos has been reduced to great extent. Now, many high-quality and superior tools digital tools and filters are available in the market which enables the beautification and image enrichment of the images in seconds which are snapped with any quality of the digital or phone camera.

BeautyPlus-2Increasing trend of the selfies have increased the need for the exceptionally sensitive and delicate tools to add the effects on the photos. Before the uploading of the photos on the social media without the effects and filter tools significantly reduces the attraction of the photo. The globally widespread social media, simply, ignore the photos which are added without the necessary beautification tools.

This is not only left for the beauty and fashion Online or print journals & magazines to enjoy the monopoly of usage and application of such tools to make the photos more and more charming, gorgeous and attractive. Even a simple girl may look more beautiful than a model or movie artists.

Understanding the utmost and supreme need of the ordinary women folk, the Meitu Technology has introduced and launched a super hit tool, ‘Beauty Plus – Selfie Editor’ which is becoming hot popular among the ladies and girls of all the ages and regions.

Though, in past, it was really difficult to create beautiful still natural looking photo or video selfie. But now, the help of the free Android app, Beauty Plus – Selfie Editor, it is possible and even easier to:


  • Erasing & eradication of the natural blemishes
  • Smoothing of the skin in photos
  • Brighter, shining and attractive eyes
  • Whiter and sparkling teeth
  • Editing of the eye color to the favorite ones


You may do all these with the help of the specially design and developed tools, filters and extraordinary sensitive effects to blur and brighten the photos.

How the Beauty Plus Selfie Editor was Developed?


After working, detailed consultations and practical & experimental working with the well-known makeup

artists, photographers, cosmetics specialists, beauty parlor experts and practicing makeup workers, the Meitu Technology explored the secrets which makes an ordinary women of simple look to be the beautiful and gorgeous like the beauty queens.

Then, in the light of these explorations, the Beauty Plus Selfie Editor, the perfect photo retouch app, was developed to give you the flawless output and results. After the application of its tools, you can show off your natural beauty.

Let’s have a look on the features which may help you to apply Beauty Plus Selfie Editor to enhance your plus points and likeness on the social media. The Meitu Technology claims these tools to be their secret but we will explore them for you.

Following prominent features are available in the Beauty Plus Selfie Editor:

  1. Smooth
  2. Tone
  3. Acne
  4. Beautify
  5. Contour
  6. Height
  7. Resize
  8. Narrow
  9. Brighten
  10. Dark circles
  11. Whiten
  1. Sweet
  2. Natural
  3. Emerald
  4. Mellow
  5. Spark
  6. Radiant
  7. Daydream
  8. Barn
  9. Halo
  10. Brooklyn
  11. Aglet
  12. Bucolic
  13. Apricot
  14. Citrus
  15. Eastern
  16. Dysania
  17. Abao
  18. Tysse
  19. B&A

How the Prominent Features Can Help you to Beautify Your Photo?

Following prominent features, added in the Beauty Plus app, helps you to make you more and more beautiful on the screen.BeautyPlus-6Skin Editor


  • Skin Editor for Perfect Face – it works with the beauty camera to add a radiant & glowing complexion on your face to display a perfect face.
  • You may retouch your already fresh skin tone by applying the specially made skin smoothing makeover tool.
  • Blemish & mark remover erases the pimples, hives and other skin imperfections just with a tap of finger.

Perfect Eyes

  • Now, Beauty Plus can erase dark circles, which may be caused by the turbulent health or environment, beneath your eyes.
  • You may brighten your eyes, as per your wish, to make them pop and charming in photos.
  • Edit eye color to match your hair color and hairstyle using custom contacts.


Create The Perfect Smile

  • Beauty Plus also works on the teeth whitening as well which is applied to bring your natural whitening to your smile
  • Now, don’t worry about the smile as the perfect smile can give you clean smile every time.

Live Auto-Retouch

The new addition in the Beauty Plus is a quick and auto-retouch. As setting and activating every time is tedious job and sometimes you may forget to give some touches, you may set and activate your photo editor to complete the beautification process work for you. Auto-retouching may apply multiple available and special effects and, instantly, display apreview of your retouched photo or video Beauty Plus ‘Live’. Just pick the one retouched photo which looks perfect to you and take your flawless photo or video with just one click.3

Magic Brush

  • Now, you may give your photos a new, changed and even fantastic look after adding the unique brush effects.
  • Here, we have added glow, neon, stars, hearts many other effects, so that, you may imagine and satisfy imagination of your own about funny selfie.
  • For magic brush, you may choose to apply finger painting with numerous color combination or spectrum.

Professional Photo Editing

  • To apply the blur and distortion, just actively apply the quick blur to give your photo a professional look by simply swiping to apply the desired effect.6
  • To remove the unnecessary and extra things from the photo, you may apply the Crop tool.
  • If you are willing to resize your photo to fit into some other frame or want to trim, this is also available in this feature.
  • From the romantic feature to a little dramatic, dozens of different filters can be utilized to make your photos hot ones.
  • Enlargement, stretch, slim or rotation to any angle are professional control in Beauty Plus to give you the freedom to edit your photos the way you want, – and still all this can be done by a simple swipe or taps of fingers.

Additional Features

  • Beauty Plus also works with front-facing and outer-facing camera as well.
  • A timer is also added as the Selfie Timer to allow you have a total control for the perfect timing for the best and marvelous shot.
  • A special feature is multiple face recognition which is ideal for the group shot. With this feature, everyone in the group is made equally beautiful.
  • For the selfies in the low light, the low light exposure comes to your help.
  • And the best feature; the sharing at the social media, such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or snap chat, is automatically done.

What’s New after Updates on August 16, 2016

With a number of updates, the following can be done for you:

  • A little and slight retouching can make your nose thinner, now.
  • Now, if you want more tips and tutorials for beautification, just follow at @beautyplusapp on Instagram and Twitter.

Social Media links of Meitu Technology

If you are willing to share your photos, videos or ideas, just share them with us at:



Instagram: #beautypluscom

LINE: beautypluscam

Technical Information

After latest update on August 16, 2016, the current version of Beauty Plus is 6.2.5 and its size is 27M. What you need for its installation is Android 4.0 and above.

Offered by: Meitu Technology

Developer: Meitu Technology


Download from Google Play: BeautyPlus: Selfie Editor

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How to Make Free Video Calls & Chat with imo in Android & iPhone?

In the current era of high-tech communication and advanced information technology, the message and video chat with your friends and family for free, has increasingly become important. No matter what device they are using or which network they are on, but there must be good communication.

imo free video calls and chat1

If you are ntt using advanced 3G or 4G telecom network or you are using Android 4.x or iOS 4, still you may enjoy the best and high quality video call or video chat on your Android or iPhone smartphones.

But the condition is; you must have the best app to do what you are willing to do. Understanding your specific need, the of Palo Alto, California has introduced imo in order to provide you the chances to adore and spend loving moments with your loved ones.

As per Google, the 2,469,376 satisfied users and down loaders, who have downloaded like you, have recommended imo as the best to satisfy your specific need to video chat and call.

Now, see below; what imo can do for you with your current smartphones.

 Special Features

  1. The worst situation and the hindrance in your current communication is the charges of carriers. But, with the imo, you may avoid SMS, phone call charges and especially the video call charges as imo will work on Internet.imo free video calls and chat 2
  2. There is no limitations on the free video messages, free video chats or the free video calls, made while you are applying imo in your smartphone as the imo works on Internet. But, note: normal data charges of Internet carrier may apply.
  3. The imo can be applied, equally good, no matter you are using 2G, 3G or 4G.
  4. To provide the limitless and unending happy moments with the friends, buddies, family members, spouse, roommates, class fellows or even the colleagues, group chatting is also available.
  5. If you are a manager or the entrepreneur, the remote working can be applied, successfully, if your team has imo in their smartphones.
  6. When sharing of the photos, videos or documents with your call mates is becoming increasingly difficult due to weak networks, the high tech imo solves this typical problem.
  7. To express your sentiments and expressions, the hundreds of stickers are available which can be placed to inform the caller about your current occupation.
  8. To make your video calls or chats, safer, the high tech encrypted chats & calls are there to serve you to protect your secrecy.
  9. The new versions of the imo are optimized for the Android tablets as well.

Technical Information

Last updated on August 8, 2016, the current size of imo app is just 7.1M. The imo,im claims that the current version 9.8.000000002671 has been downloaded and installed for 100,000,000-500,000,000 times in different smartphones or devices. If you are willing to install imo on your Android device, be sure to have at least Android version of 4.0 or above on your smartphone of the device.

Contact Info
The Contact Info of the Developers is:, Email

555 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Download: imo free video calls and chat

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16 Exciting Advantages of Free WhatsApp, Every Android User Would Love

Before the introduction of WhatsApp Messenger, the consumers of the mobile devices and phones were forced to rely on the mobile carrier services for the efficient communication. The communication companies had the monopoly to serve the consumers for the SMS, MMS and telephonic conversation for which huge charges were incurred. Advancement of the month and the approaching of the billing date was a kind of nightmare for the consumers. In this situation, the WhatsApp arrived like an angel of kindness and affection for the mobile users.

WhatsAppThe free WhatsApp was welcomed, warmly, by the communication community as it shifted the communication cost to the Internet, relieving the users from the harsh and bone breaking billing of carrier providers. Now, like surfing the net, you may apply reasonable ISP services to remain in touch with your near & dear, business, partners, peer, customers and corporate bosses.

This app is available for the Android, iPhone devices and other smartphone and mobile devices, available in the market. You can apply the 2G, 3G, 4G, Edge or Wi-Fi services of your smartphone Internet connection to substitute the services of messaging and calling.

The reasons for the popularity of WhatsApp are enormous but some are:

Advantages of Using WhatsApp

  1. No extra burden of services fee for using the WhatsApp: In the modern era of Internet, it is difficult to imagine any office or non-office premises to work without the cheap and fast Internet. The WhatsApp applies the Internet service of your smartphone connection to the Wi-Fi of your home, community, office and academic environment to send SMS, MMS, calls or video calling; meant, you may get great advantage of enjoying two benefits for one fee.
  2. Ease of using Multimedia: Now, you may enter the era of cheaper and instant receipt and dispatch of SMS, MMS, videos and Voice Messaging at a reduced rate and convenience, i.e. two benefits at one cost – meant; free additional benefits.
  3. WhatsApp Calls: If you want long and distance local or international call to your friends, family members, customers, office colleagues of any other person, it may be FREE if you are using WhatsApp. WhatsApp calls are almost free when you are using your Internet connection of your cellular phone. You may also get easy access to 911 or any other emergency service numbers if you are enjoying the wonderful WhatsApp.
  4. Group Chat – A Newer Advantage: The facility of the group chats with your contacts in a smartphone was previously available in general. But, now, you may remain in easy and affordable touch with friends or family members.
  5. Messaging Using WhatsApp Web: If you are on the computer and need to send a message to any number on WhatsApp, you may not only send but also receive the messages using the web service of WhatsApp.
  6. No International Charges Roaming or Other Charges: If you are using WhatsApp for messaging and calling, you will not incur charges for working out of the borders of your country. Be frank to chat – messaging or calling – with buddies, family members, or colleagues – around the globe in just local Internet charges.
  7. No Record of Usernames and/or PINS Required: When it is just the alternate of your contacts in the smartphone or the mobile device, you don’t require usernames or PINS like other messaging apps. All contacts adjust, seamlessly, in your WhatsApp.
  8. Remaining Always Logged in for Whole the Day: Just like mobile devices, don’t worry of logging in or out as you may remain connected and online with WhatsApp for whole the day.
  9. Quickly Connect with Your Contacts in WhatsApp: WhatsApp will use your address / contact book of the mobile device to connect with your contacts.
  10. Security and Recording Offline Messages: If you are using your mobile device but you are not connected to The Internet or your mobile device is turned off, your missed notifications will be saved till the time you are connected or your device is turned on.
  11. Sharing your location Facility is Also Available: If you have turned on your location on in the mobile device or smartphone, it may be displayed to the remote caller of the message.
  12. Exchanging Contacts is Possible: If you are willing to exchange your contacts with your buddies or family members, this unique facility is also available in the WhatsApp.
  13. Setting Wallpapers & Notification Tones of your Choice: If you don’t like the current wallpapers or notification tones of the default WhatsApp, you may get them changed as per your choice and liking.
  14. Recording Email & Chat History: If you want the records of email and chat history, you may keep them for a longer but specified time.
  15. Broadcast Emergency Messages to Multiple Contacts at Once: In the case of emergency or need mass communication for any other purpose, you may send the messages to many contacts at once, saving your precious time.

So, this is time to download, install and start using the WhatsApp for your smartphone.

That’s All!

How to Control Grand Gangsters, Free Game for Android Lollipop & Marshmallow?

This is a Free game –  a dangerous trip to Sin City – in the San Andreas Fault region along with Grand Gangsters today.

1Grand Gangsters are trained to put:

  • The dark, intriguing & ruthless World of  city’s street crimes right on your smartphones phones
  • In the Grand Gangsters, you may tackle and handle theft missions of 6 different and varied types of vehicle and to outrun the police
  • Alternatively, you may obey every each and every traffic light and signal
  • Stealing auto vehicles, evading city cops, racing through streets of the city and shooting down other gangs are also parts of Grand Gansters, the game for the Android devices

Prominent Features


  • This game is the unique mixer of a shooter, a punch game and auto racing
  • You may find incredible 3D graphics and the wonderful touch controls
  • There are countless looking missions and possibilities in 4 areas of the city
  • You may use 5+ weapons and auto vehicles to play with

Technical Information

Updated: 13 May 2016
Size: 18M
Installs: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Current Version: 1.3
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Content Rating: Rated for 18+

Offered By:Doodle Mobile Ltd.

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How to Fight to Enemy with Your Squadron 1945 in Android Lollipop & Marshmallow?

If you want to fight with your enemies in the retro-futuristic World, you may form an elite squad of 4 warplanes in Squadron 1945 – the Free Game for the Android Lollipop and Marshmallow.

You will have to pacify 30 war zones – ranging from:

  • Narrow dodging
  • Projectiles bursts
  • Where levels come one after another
  • Here, the enemies are difficult to count and still varied ones.

 Squadron 1945- screenshot Prominent Features

  • 30 levels
  • You may start with beginner or expert level
  • You may control your warplanes with normal or enhanced modes
  • You may use collected and saved bonuses to get rid of some tricky situations
  • You may compare your collected scores with players around the Globe
  • You may collect all stars and unlocking all achievements

Technical Information

  • Updated: 27 April 2016
  • Size: 46M
  • Installs:1,000,000 – 5,000,000
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Content Rating: Rated for 7+

Source: Squadron 1945

3 Free Office 2016 Agenda Templates for Your Successful Official Meetings

Good agendas help to plan a successful official meeting as they help to run your meetings as per the Roberts Rules of Order. Understanding your official need, Microsoft has launched 3 free templates to prepare for your official meeting. Feel free to download and apply these agendas and make your meetings a great success.

Classic Meeting Agenda

These are developed to keep you on track.

Agenda 3Source: Classic Meeting Agenda

Conference Agenda

With the help of Free Conference Agenda template, you may prepare, plan and share the schedule for the conference.Agenda 2Source: Conference Agenda

Business Meeting Agenda (Orange Design)

This simple, free but detailed agenda template makes it convenient for you to organize the topics of the meeting in arranged order so that you may plan to cover within set and allowed time frame.Agenda 3Source: Business Meeting Agenda

Source for all Agendas: Agendas