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How to enable double tap on navigation bar to sleep the Windows 10 Mobile in few steps

If you are one of the Windows Mobile owners who have the double tap to wake on their Windows Mobile devices then you might also want to use the double tap to sleep your Windows device. Microsoft has added a very useful option to double tap on the navigation bar...

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How to Enable / Disable Dial Pad Touch Tone in Android KitKat Phone?

Some people feel dial pad touch tones to be annoying. Ok, no problem. It is easy to get rid of these touch tones in Android KitKat 4.4.2 smartphone. To enable / disable the touch tones, just follow the instructions: Command Line: Phone Dialer > Settings > Call Settings > OTHER CALL SETTINGS - Dial...

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How to Double-Tap on Status Bar to Sleep the Android KitKat Phone?

To get the screen sleep in the Android KiatKat 4.4.2 is not a difficult job now. Now, you may just double tap the ‘Status Bar’ to get the Android KitKat phone, sleep. But you need to set the double-tap before applying the tip. This is a very simple tip. For the...

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