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Best and Top Rated Wallpapers LIVE for Mac Computers and Laptops

Description of Prominent Features Typical live wallpapers have unique features of the computers and laptops which give the computer or laptop users a sense of soothing and peaceful relaxation while operating the computers. The live wallpapers, developed by the ‘StuckPixel, Inc. are particularly designed for the high quality Mac computers and...

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Four Best Apps to Secure your Data in Android Devices

With the advancement of mobile technology, the smartphones have been becoming more and more technologically advanced. At the same time, their safety, security, privacy and protection are becoming difficult as more and more users are applying the smartphones and devices to secure and store some of the very important and...

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Setting Best Time to Run Daydream in Android 5.0 Lollipop Devices

Application of daydreaming feature in Android devices depends upon the choice of users. Depending upon the user choice and purpose, the time of the daydream operation may be set. Normally, the mobile devices are not used during the charging and during the period, if the photos are run as the...

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How to Set White Balance for the Best Picture Quality in Android KitKat?

For the best quality of picture, white balance plays an important role in Android KitKat 4.4.2. White balance is use to remove unrealistic colors with a prime purpose of making white objects even whiter or to give pictures appropriate color temperature, giving it the blue, white, orange, or even some...

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Comparison of Dimensions and Weight Specs of 5 Best Smartphones

The comparison of the dimensions and weight of the 5 best smartphones in May 2013 are being made. The five best phones included in this comparison are; (sorted alphabetically) HTC First, HTC One, LG Nexus 4 E960, Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S4. (For the comparison, we have included...

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