How to Set the Degree of Screen Rotation in Android KitKat 4.4 Phone?


Screen Rotation is a feature which can be used by users for multipurposes. Screen Rotation can be set by users for many degrees as per the desire and / choice of users.

Follow the instructions to set the different degrees for the screen rotation.

Command Line: Settings > Device – Display & light > Rotation  

1: Tap ‘Settings’ to open.KitKatSRD1


2: Tap the ‘Display & lights’.KitKatSRD2

3: Here, see the status of Rotation is ‘Disabled’. Tap the ‘Rotation’.KitKatSRD3

4: See the ‘Auto-rotate screen’ under the ‘Rotation’ is unchecked and disabled. Whole the menu below the ‘Auto-rotate screen’ is also disabled.KitKatSRD4

5: Tap the ‘Auto-rotate screen’ to check and enable it. See all the items in the menu below the ‘Auto-rotate screen’ becomes enabled. 0 degree is checked and enabled but all the other degrees are unchecked.KitKatSRD5

6: Now, tap all the items, i.e. 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees to check and enable.KitKatSRD6

7: Go back to previous screen of ‘Display & light’ and see the status of ‘Rotation’ is captioned as, 0, 90, 180 & 270 degrees.KitKatSRD7Now, you may rotate your phone to all directions. Even you may rotate your mobile to 360 degree and the see the screen is always straight.

That’s all!