Abstract, Research Report

Gender Differences in Developmental Tasks of 3 Years-old Boys and Girls



Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Malik

This study was conducted to compare the developmental tasks of 3 years-old boys and girls. The study was delimited to only one private school of Lahore city. Sample of 30 boys and 30 girls were selected randomly. A checklist was developed by reviewing related literature and adapting Portage Early Education Program Checklist Published by Nfer Nelson for 0-6 years-old children. The checklist was comprised of three categories such as motor development, cognitive development and social development. Each category was consisted of 33, 16 and 19 items respectively. Students were observed, interviewed and were asked to perform tasks in order to collect the data. Data were analyzed in terms of percentages and t-test. Results of the study revealed that there was no difference among 3 years-old boys and girls in motor development, cognitive development and social development.

Keywords: Developmental tasks, Private schools, Early education, Lahore, Pakistan

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