Updated on May25, 2016 —-

It was April 25, 2013 when TeckFront was inaugurated. It was a started as a part of a group of blogs which were, basically, technology blogs. This group included; Windows8Core.com, Knowledge-News.com, WindowsAlle.com and BiggTech.com.

With the passage of time, the TeckFront become a primary blog to provide basic and advanced operating tips to run Android operating system.

We are determined to provide wide and extensive services related to the technology.

Our Team

Our team consists of three members which are:

Muzammil Waheed: He is a founding member of MPC.com with more than 15 years of software engineering background. He is currently presiding over software house (a subsidiary of a German software entity) which is also collaborating with a British-originated printing and designing giant. He is also looking after many other blogs, being run in his software house.

Saadat Wahid (Founder): He is holding HDR in Finance & Education and is also working on many PHP projects.

Ahmad Wahid: In addition to working as Chief Editor (TeckFront), he is also editing Windows8Core.com and WindowsAlle.com as Chief. With his MS (Software Engineering) in sophomore year, he is also actively involved in software development.

Contact: ahmadwahid@outlook.com

We are on-way to provide best services to you.

Saadat Wahid


(Research Scholar (Finance), MS/MS, MBA (Finance), MAE)